Fell on the ground,

And the Earth shook in it’s turbulence.

Blood spread pervasively on the floor,

The trivial shards lay scattered about.

Where once were the silent beats of the heart,

There was now nothing left there.

The empty space,

Yet filled with ache.

The surreptitious movement,

Yet the loud intimation of pain.

The slow, steady pumping,

Yet those impetuous hurts.

The proximity of it’s presence,

Yet those far-reaching notions.

All combined and stored-

In the heart.

The overburdened,

The overwhelmed,

And still the patient bearer-

The heart.

In the wiping cloth, dissolve tears,

In the dark. smiles vanish in fears,

In the wind, trust drifts away,

But it still remains buried in the chest-

The faithful heart.