As the light breeze whistled in the wind,

The hair were lift upon that breeze,

The sand grains were sprinkled by that wind.

The reality was the rising of the sun at dawn,

And the splashing of the waves on the rocky shore.

The loneliness came with the clouds-

That wander over unseen heights.

It came with the moon that comes out every night,

To fill up the dark sky with its borrowed light.

It came with the arrival of the stars up above,

Striving so very hard to shine bright.

Words are like sharp claws that pierce the flesh,

The blood in the veins is an unstoppable flow,

But the wrinkles on the skin show the endless passage of time.

The phases of life are like an upturned hourglass-

Childhood memories fade away,

Like writings washed by the waters of the sea.

The present passes with stealthy steps,

Hiding in the shadows, coming out every night.

The future plays the role of mystery,

A pot filled with expectations and anticipations,

An element of suspicion in one’s own mind.