Voices filled with rage,

Eyes blazing like the fires of hell,

Doors being slammed with an almighty force,

The moisture in the eyes filled to the brim,

The disappointment manifested in the slumped shoulders,

As the promises made unfold their woe,

Unplanned and unfulfilled.

Born from within,

A part of the same whole.

Heart as delicate as a piece of glass,

As light as a single feather,

It struggles to stay afloat,

But the pressure of love, for love,

Is the reason for the inexplicable crevices of hatred.

No cement can fill those gaps,

No medicine can heal those wounds.

All for one and one for all,

Then who so far away?

Hiding in the dark corners with faith lost,

The abyss in between growing wider, deeper,

Inches away from immortality.

One step will suffice,

One word be enough,

To bring back all that is lost,

To revive the broken hearts,

And rekindle the fire gone.

A life spent searching- in need of that one..