It came in through the door,

Like a wild herd of elephants plundering the fields.

The footsteps and the harsh voices echoed in the night,

And the darkness wrapped it’s deadly arms around everything-

As if announcing its ghastly presence to the world.

The arrival of December was confirmed!

The blooming flowers withered and fell on the ground,

The ground started missing the familiar tread-

Of the little ants that now hid in their dens,

The sky seemed alien in the absence of birds,

Their only marks lonely feathers drifting in the cold wind,

The creatures long huddled in nests,

With unbreakable boundaries and no escape.

The scene like the picture of a gloomy Christmas tree,

With no fairy lights to enhance its beauty,

With no decorations weighing down the branches,

With no gifts surrounding the thick bark,

And no ornaments twinkling through the leaves.

The arrival of December was confirmed!